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Our Services

Company Services

AppFactor provides you the best of the technology services available over the market with the competitve edge of havine a unique style and customer satisfaction to its fullest. Currently we are offering our services for the Web development and mobile applications development.

Iphone Development

imgWe are excited to design and develop successful applications for iPhone and iPod Touch and now for iPad. Applications that we built hit excellent rankings of Apple App Store in overall chart in both paid and free sections as well as App Store categories.

In times when there is a shortage of professional iPhone and iPad developers on the market we are able to continue taking new clients and projects and provide cost-effective iPhone and iPad app development due to our strategic offshore office locations.



Android Development


Android is Google's new mobile platform that includes a software stack for mobile devices - with an operating system, middleware and key applications.

AppFactor also offers specific development services for the Android platform. Our mobile experts have recognized experience in mobile application development, using both the Java language and Android framework. We have skilled expertise in creating mobile applications, testing and porting to mobile devices.



Web Development


A site is not about making a page, or putting few images and text, shaking few A's and O's or adding some color and sound and uploading it up on some server. Web is an industry. It is a way to represent your image and brand. It is there to add value to your identity. It requires skills of experienced people to plan, design, program, optimize and publish it.